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Global network coverage

As the world’s largest fixed-line and broadband service provider, you can rely on China Telecom as your best partner for Global Internet Service (GIS). Equipped with a powerful Internet network, ChinaNet (AS4134) has the largest number of broadband subscribers and best access channel into the China Internet market. CN2(AS4809), our world leading MPLS/IP network also offer highly efficient global Internet services to further optimize the end user experience.

Global Internet Services has four products: ChinaNet Paid-peer

-Provides worldwide telecom operators with one-hop access to China Telecom’s Chinese internet resources. ChinaNet (AS 4134) which is the leading Internet network in China with the most extensive coverage and the most stable network performance, owns the world’s richest Chinese Internet resources and the world’s largest internet subscribers. ChinaNet Paid-peer provides worldwide telecom operator customers with one-hop access to China Telecom’s Chinese Internet resources including Internet contents and millions of users. It has advantages of high speed, high content quality, large Internet subscribers and excellent network service.

China Access

-Provides regional/local ISP/ICP with cost effective Chinese internet resources solution. Powered by the wide interconnection with other telecom operators inside China, China Access enables worldwide customers with cost effective Chinese internet resources solution. By connecting to ChinaNet (AS4134), customers are able to access to Chinese contents and millions of internet users in China. China Access is the best choice for global ISP/ICP customers who hope to access to Chinese Internet resources with one stop.

Global Transit

-Provides global internet service with SLA guarantee to telecom operator customers. China Telecom's Global Transit offers reaches directly to everywhere in the world on a global IP backbone called CN2 (China Telecom Next Generation Carrier Network, AS4809) with highest resilience, redundancy and low latency. By connecting to CN2, China Telecom provides global telecom operator customers with differentiated Internet transit services of scalable bandwidth, outstanding connectivity, flexible billing options and rich product features.

Global Internet Access

-Provides premium internet access between mainland China and countries outside China with SLA guarantee to the enterprise customers Global Internet Access (GIA for short) is a global Internet access service provided by China Telecom for enterprises. As for multinational companies, China Telecom offers the solutions of premium China access between mainland China and counties outside China, enabling you to access the most extensive and leading Chinese Internet resources and millions of Internet subscribers. AS for Chinese-funded enterprises, China Telecom provides the world's best Internet access solutions, achieving one-stop access to global Internet resources throughout the world and meanwhile the high-speed and stable connection to mainland China.